Robina Nicol

Artist, Author, Teacher and Furniture Designer

Nicol is a visionary artist who expresses her spiritual and healing transformations onto canvas.  As a child in post WWII England, standing alone for the first time under the night sky, she experienced a union beyond her family, beyond Earth – somewhere among the stars and the Milky Way.  She belonged to the Universe.  In addition, from her Scots mother she inherited a gift known as ‘fey’, and it is this ‘other worldness’ that adds a fascinating depth to her creations.  Immigrating to Canada brought new hopes in the land of the Maple Leaf.

An accomplished designer and manufacturer in the textile industry, astrologer and palmist, it wasn’t until Nicol was widowed in 1999 that she sought a new source of expression.  It began with a local Creative Writing Course in Beaconsfield, QC, which led to studies of both journalism and creative writing at Concordia University in Montreal. This new pilgrimage was serendipitous to find her original intention in this lifetime … to bring beauty, colour and soulfulness to young and old in both written and art forms.

Tempest at Trillium Wood, a children’s chapter book dealing with disaster, which arrived in dreamtime, took years before the final chapters came to print.  She was told that ‘writers don’t make money’. It became more important to honour the dream, trust that the story be told. Nicol is ambitious to have this story animated. Another dream …

Continuing to make the world a little more beautiful, and the need for new artwork, Nicol was inspired by NASA’s images from outer space. This was the perfect platform to express her visions during dream time and meditation onto canvas.  An intensive study with outstanding teachers focusing on Abstract Art began in 2006. As an intuitive, her work touches her audience personally. “It’s all about the soul’s experience, ever evolving, ever expanding … we can all identify with that connection.”

Nicol paints in many mediums, often mixing them to achieve the effect she desires, often adding her poetry.  Whatever medium she uses, her currency is vibrancy, her subject ‘transformation’.  “I strive to capture the exact instant of change, when the pattern breaks into something else entirely.”

Nicol was drawn and directed to ‘a place where the mountains and the water are connected’, and so it was that she was ‘guided’ to Ajijic.  It’s here in this land of colour, warmth, friendship and history that she finds new inspiration for her work.

Nicol’s work can be seen at Scotia Bank, Montreal, Via Medica, Montreal, private international collections, Chapala Medical Centre, Tepheua Community Centre, Chapala Real Estate and Sol Mexicano, Ajijic.